How Does Your State Max Out?

Our nitrogen maximizers are proven to maximize effectiveness of any nitrogen application and fully realize yield and profit potential with a comprehensive portfolio of below-ground nitrogen stabilizers.

For over 40 years and more than 1,000 field trials and university studies, N-Serve® and Instinct® nitrogen stabilizers have delivered bottom‑line results.

Take a closer look at the results from a field near you.


Proven on Farm After Farm

“When you apply liquid nitrogen early, we recommend adding Instinct as a stabilizer. If you’re going to sidedress at normal times, protect your nitrogen then, so you make sure it’s available in grain fill.”
Jeff Nagel, Agronomist, Ceres Solutions
Crawfordsville, Indiana

Testimonial – Doug Bennett

“Making recommendations to use Instinct or N-Serve was easy for me because of how the products work in the soil. There’s no smoke and mirrors. It’s simple. It’s facts. It’s been proven.”
Doug Bennett, Retail Agronomist, Crop Production Services Inc.
Pocomoke City, Maryland

Testimonial – Roger Richardson

“For corn, nitrogen is the most valuable asset that you need. And with a lot of rain last year, N-Serve helped. You look at history, years ago, it took many more farmers to provide the food for the nation. Today, the farm population is shrinking, so technology has to step in. One farmer today is feeding many more people than a farmer fed 10 years ago.”
Roger Richardson, Farmer
Chesapeake Bay area, Maryland

Testimonial – Brian Kruse

“What N-Serve does is it stops nitrogen from converting to a leachable form. So we truly buy time with that nitrogen stabilizer, N-Serve. We buy ourselves six to eight weeks of protection from rains and leaching.”
Brian Kruse, Agronomist, Farmers Feed and Grain Company Inc.
St. Ansgar, Iowa

Testimonial – Ed Logan

“We use N-Serve in our operation and in our recommendations because it works. We find that we get yield increases in both fall and spring applications of nitrogen.”
Ed Logan, Retailer, Logan Agri-Service Inc.
Griggsville, Illinois

Testimonial – Duane Schwickerath

“We started using Instinct II in 2011 and did a lot of trials and yield data, and it showed between a 7- and a 14-bushel yield increase that year. We use Instinct II in our nitrogen because we feel more comfortable that when the corn plant needs that nitrogen, we know it’s there.”
Duane Schwickerath, Corn Grower
Alta Vista, Iowa