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Reap the rewards of maximizing manure

Instinct® is a nitrogen maximizer powered with Optinyte technology that works with spring- and fall-applied liquid manure to boost corn bushels in an environmentally sustainable way.

Watch the video below to learn why hog producers Lonny Becker and Clair Schmidt choose Instinct to increase yield on their operations.

How it maximizes

Instinct helps prevent the loss of applied manure from leaching and denitrification.

Corn uses nitrogen in two forms: ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-). But it definitely prefers ammonium — it’s more efficient for the plant to use and less susceptible to loss. Instinct slows down the bacteria that convert ammonium to nitrate, keeping nitrogen in the ammonium form longer.

Manure kept in the ammonium form longer will help corn will reach its maximum yield potential.

Key benefits

  • • Protects the environment by reducing nitrate leaching into groundwater and denitrification, the escape of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
  • • Extends nitrogen availability up to eight weeks with spring applications so crops get the nitrogen they need during critical growth stages
  • • Works with fall-applied nitrogen to extend nitrogen availability for approximately 90 days as soil temperatures climb past 40 F and spring rainfall creates conditions for nitrogen loss


Instinct® nitrogen stabilizer is proven across university and field trials to maximize profit in an environmentally sound way:

University of Minnesota:*
  • • Instinct applied with fall-applied swine manure had both agronomic and environmental benefits
  • • Average 10-12 bu./A increased corn grain yield
  • • Reduced grain moisture about 1.3 percentage points at harvest
University of Wisconsin**
  • • Corn silage yield and dry material per acre increased with Instinct applied with fall or spring liquid dairy manure
2017 Iowa Ag Leader Award
  • • Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, awarded Dow AgroSciences and Instinct technology the Secretary’s Iowa Ag Leader Award – Water Quality Initiative
  • • The award highlights that Instinct decreases leaching, reduces greenhouse gases and increases soil nitrogen retention
Dow AgroSciences trials: average 8.7 bushels/acre***
Iowa State University****
  • • In order to maximize liquid manure applications, it is recommended to delay until early November.
  • • Yield increase as a result of later application timing was +27 bu./A in 2016 and +64 bu./A in 2017
  • • Hear more about this data at the free Farm Journal Webinar presented by Dr. Dan Andersen
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • • Awarded Instinct® nitrogen stabilizer technology the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for providing both economic and environmental benefits to farmers
  • • Instinct added an additional 50 million bushels of corn and removed more than 600,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions
Optinyte technology that powers Instinct has been proven to:
  • • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 51 percent*****
  • • Decrease leaching by 16 percent*****
  • • 28 percent increase in soil nitrogen retention*****



Application Timing
Instinct® HL nitrogen stabilizer
Instinct II nitrogen stabilizer

Applied before Oct. 1 with soil temperatures above 60 F

48 oz.

74 oz.

Applied before Nov. 1 with soil temperatures above 50 F-60 F

36 oz.

56 oz.

Applied after Nov. 1 or in spring fertilizer applications with soil temperatures below 50 F

24 oz.

37 oz.


Dow AgroSciences trials show that Instinct® nitrogen stabilizer can be successfully distributed throughout the manure pit with relatively even distribution under common agitation procedures.

Best practices for agitation include:
  • • Agitate stored liquid manure before emptying storage to reduce remaining sludge and increase uniformity of nutrient applications.
  • • Agitate manure at least 30 minutes before pumping. Agitation should continue throughout the pumping process or until manure in the structure is adequately mixed.
    • ○ Sufficient agitation should cause the lagoon or pit to “swirl” and carry suspended solids to the chopper pump.
    • ○ Please see the application guide for additional agitation tips.

Download Application Guide


Earn a $2 per acre rebate with a purchase of Instinct® HL or Instinct II nitrogen stabilizers. Here's how:

Purchase overview

How to buy: You must purchase a minimum of 55 gallons of Instinct HL or 35 gallons of Instinct II from a grower point of sale reporting retailer.

Timing: Purchase must be made between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2018.

How to redeem: Visit MaximizeYourManure.com to fill out a simple online form with your contact information and purchase details to claim your rebate. All claims must be submitted by Dec. 31, 2018.