Getting the max from your nitrogen starts

above ground.

Nitrogen can’t help your yield if it never gets to the roots. The unique, user-friendly formulation of PinnitMax™ nitrogen stabilizer makes it easy to protect urea and UAN above ground. So you can maximize yield potential with less time and effort.

Protect your yield potential from the start.

Up to 30 percent of nitrogen loss occurs above ground. That means it’s vulnerable from the moment you apply it. PinnitMax™ nitrogen stabilizer helps ensure the maximum amount of nitrogen gets where it’s needed most.

PinnitMax application

PinnitMax prevents volatilization of urea and UAN for up to 14 days.

PinnitMax optimal crop uptake

It helps nitrogen get to the root zone for optimum crop uptake.

It’s this easy: Cover more acres in less time.

PinnitMax is less sticky than other above-ground products. The ultra-low use rate delivers simple blending that doesn’t clump or clog your equipment, so you can free up labor time and keep your trucks moving.

The unique formula eliminates caking and bridging that can clog equipment.

A free-flowing application means less streaking in the field.

The easily identifiable blue color is stain-free and quickly washes out of equipment.

Get nitrogen to the roots. And only the roots. All season long.

PinnitMax helps nitrogen get to the root zone. N-Serve® and Instinct® nitrogen stabilizers with Optinyte™ technology keep it there. So your nitrogen gets to your crop and not to the air or the water. Used together, you get full-season protection of your nitrogen applications — so you can get the max yield potential out of your crop at harvest.

Application Rates

When conditions favoring volatility exist, or when longer control is needed, the rate may be increased by 0.5 quart per ton.


1.5 quarts per ton


0.75 quart per ton

Efficacy Yield Data

PinnitMax™ Nitrogen Stabilizer on Corn (2017 Trials)

Label Information

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